Studies have shown that the biggest heat loss a home can experience comes through its windows, and doors.

Draught proofing is one of the cheapest and most efficient ways of preventing this, and if done correctly could save you £25 to £50 a year in heating bills alone.

The gaps around a typical sash window can add up to as much as 8 square inches.

draugh proof windows enfieldDue to this, more heat is lost than can be saved by installing secondary glazing. The answer to this is draught proofing.

Research carried out has concluded: that this is the best way to improve the thermal performance of your windows.

Draught proofing your sash windows also comes with many other added benefits,and will upgrade the performance of your windows in the following ways;

  • Eliminates draughts
  • Reduces noise
  • Reduces dirt and dust ingress
  • Eliminates rattles and vibrations
  • Improves energy retention and efficiency
  • Aids ease of use

Works to be carried out are as follows: 

As this is an upgrade to our general refurbishment service, the same procedure is carried out as before. 

However once we have your windows dismantled, we will discreetly craft a series of channels into your sashes.

The location of these channels are carefully chosen and therefore will not affect or alter your windows’ original characteristics.

A plastic carrier will then  be incorporated into these channels.This carrier will allow us to insert a weather pile strip, (brush).

The weather pile strip is what is responsible for providing the seal around your window, and comes in different sizes. The size will depend on the gap that needs sealing.

The plastic carrier and weather pile will also be crafted into your new parting bead, and staff bead. 

revivelogo-whiteThis will create a seal around the whole perimeter of the window once they have been reassembled.

This service comes highly recommended, as it allows you to get the best out of these beautiful period windows.