broken sash cordOver the course of time, sash cords can become brittle and perish. This will eventually lead to these cords, snapping, or breaking.

You may also have an underlying issue with your window that is causing these cords to fail.

Broken or seized pulleys can put unnecessary strain on these cords leading to their breakage, if this is the case they will also need to be changed along with your new cords.

It may just be the fact that your windows are not functioning correctly and  the force used in opening them may be to blame.

Although broken cords are relatively easy to fix, they can be quite a fiddly job. Depending on what cords are broken your window will have to be dismantled in order to fix this problem.

If its only your bottom sash cords that have failed we will only have to remove the bottom sash. This is to gain access to your weights, located in the box frame of your window. Your staff beads will need to be removed and if possible reused. If these beads become damaged during the removal process, they will also need to be replaced. However if its your top sash cords that have failed the job is a little more involved we will then have to remove both sashes in order to fix the problem. 

If this is the case, we will advise you to to have your window refurbished as all cords will then be changed. New beads will have to be replaced anyway so this is a  perfect time to have this done.

All work carried out will be at the customers request. We will only advise you of the best way forward but ultimately the choice is yours.

If your cord or cords have failed due to wear alone the chances are the rest of them will soon follow suit.

revivelogo-whiteAll replacement cords are 100% cotton, and waxed for ease of mobility.

A waxed sash cord will have a far greater life expectancy, making them perfect for replacement repairs.